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 Infant Massage Class

Gain confidence and skills to comfort and
connect with your newborn through Infant Massage

The Nurturing Connection of Infant Massage

Infant massage provides benefits for both a parent and baby.

This form of nurturing and compassionate touch is not only beneficial for baby by providing stimulation, relaxation and relief, but is also a wonderful a way to learn parent/child communication.


Learn how to incorporate this wonderful practice into your family routine for years to come!

The Benefits of Infant Massage

Bonding Experience

Strengthens the bond between the parent and the baby, enhancing emotional connections.


Allows for practicing uninterrupted time to learn your baby’s cues and how they communicate.

Stress Relief

Reduces crying and emotional distress in infants, calming both the baby and the parent.

Improved Sleep

Helps regulate sleep patterns, leading to longer and more restful nights.

Habit Formation

Establishes positive touch habits, promoting lifelong healthy communication.

Muscle Development
and Tone

Aids in muscle growth and tone, which is vital for physical development.

Circulation Improvement

Increases blood and lymphatic circulation, promoting overall


Coordination and Balance

Helps improve body awareness, coordination, and balance as the

baby grows.

Digestion Aid

Assists in alleviating colic, gas, and constipation, promoting overall digestive health.

Immune System Boost

Stimulates lymph flow to

enhance immunity.

Sensory Development

Enhances the baby’s

neurological development by stimulating nerve endings.

Calming Techniques

Teaches parents calming

techniques that are beneficial for managing their stress.

“My baby seems to enjoy our one on one time even more than before”-M.H.

Welcome to the world of infant massage, a nurturing practice that goes beyond just a simple massage.

It's about communication and connection.

Here at Blessed Beginnings in Middle Tennessee, Kim will teach you how to gently massage your little one to soothe and support their development.

Why take an infant massage class?

  • It gives you tools to comfort and improve your baby's well-being.

  • From easing the discomfort of gas and colic to helping them drift off to a peaceful sleep, the benefits of infant massage are tremendous. There's more to it than just physical relief.

  • This is a chance to bond, to share moments of closeness and trust that strengthen your relationship.


Our sessions:

  • Are designed with both you and your baby in mind.

  • We guide you through each technique, ensuring you feel confident and equipped to turn what might be moments of tension into relief and relaxation. Whether you're massaging to calm a fussy baby or just as part of your daily routine, the skills you learn here will help you and your baby find a s moment to connect in your busy world.


Think of infant massage as more than a daily routine; it's a way to communicate love, comfort, and stimulate growth. And for you, the parents? It's a perfect way to learn about your baby's needs and responses while unwinding and connecting.

Sign up for the next infant massage class and discover how your loving touch can be the most powerful form of support for your baby's health and happiness.

Book your 4 - Week
Infant Massage Course

We also offer 4-week in person and private Infant Massage classes.
Please contact Kim Geasley to schedule these classes at a time and location that is convenient for you.

Massage for Gas relief for infant / baby - Learn how to Massage your Infant or Baby in our Class Onl
infant baby Scalp massage  - Learn how to Massage your Infant or Baby in our Class Online Virtual Ma
Massage Infant / Baby for stomach pain -Massage Class Online Virtual Middle TN
Infant Massage baby infant feet  - Massage Class Middle TN -
Neck Massage for Infant or baby - Massage Class Online Virtual Middle TN
  • What is an infant massage class / course?
    Infant massage classes teach parents how to massage their babies safely and effectively. These course are designed to foster bonding, relieve symptoms like gas, and promote better sleep. Kim Geasley, our Certified Educator of Infant Massage (CEIM), provides hands-on guidance in various techniques as well as specific protocol for gas and colic relief.
  • Who should enroll in baby massage class / course?
    Any parent with a baby from birth to pre-crawling. It is recommended that only parents massage their babies as this is not only a practice that promotes physical well being, but also bonding and attachment between parent and child.
  • Can I learn baby massage online?
    Yes! We offer online infant massage classes that provide training in infant massage through virtual sessions. These classes are perfect for those who prefer learning from home but still want all the benefits of our in-person classes.
  • Will Kim come to my home for private classes?
    Yes! Classes can be held in the comfort of your own home for a minimum of 4 parents and babies and a maximum of 6 parents and babies. This is perfect for a moms’ group looking for a fun way to connect with each other. Private family classes, including both parents and their baby, are also available for an additional fee. In-home classes are only available for Williamson, southern Davidson, and northern Maury counties. You can email Kim for details and pricing.
  • What benefits does infant massage provide?
    There are many benefits to massage! They include interaction, stimulation, relaxation and relief. Regular massage can also help regulate sleep patterns and reduce crying. The beauty is that you as a parent can incorporate the techniques in a way that is beneficial to your baby and your family’s routine.
  • Do I need to use oil?
    Yes! We recommend something from the pantry, ideally organic, cold pressed vegetable or fruit oil that is unscented and edible. (Examples are coconut, olive or MCT oil). Baby oil is not recommended as it is petroleum based.
  • What if I live far from you? Is there an infant massage class / courses near me?
    We strive to make our classes easily accessible. For those who cannot attend in person, our online baby massage classes are a great alternative.
  • Can both parents attend class together?
    Absolutely! It is ideal that both parents master the techniques of infant massage. In this case, we recommend that during the class, one parent massages baby for the entire session to maintain consistency while the other parent practices on a doll or stuffed animal.
  • What if my baby is asleep during class?
    Because infant massage is baby led, we consider it something we do WITH our babies rather than TO them. In the event your baby is sleeping during class, please let them sleep! You can have a doll or stuffed animal on hand to practice on until you are able to practice with your baby.
  • How often should I massage my baby?
    While individual needs vary, you know your baby best. You can incorporate the techniques in any way you choose. Some families like morning and others prefer to use it as a calming part of the bedtime routine. As you learn your baby, you will be able to determine what works best for him or her. During class, Kim will provide guidelines on how often and how long each session should be based on your baby's age and responsiveness. Join us to learn more!
Kim Geasley Headshot.png
Kim Geasley, RN, CLC, CEIM
Certified Educator of Infant Massage 
Craniosacral Fascial Therapy Practitioner

"I have been a Registered Nurse since 2009, working at the bedside in the Neonatal ICU. As a CLC, I have supported breastfeeding efforts both in the NICU and home settings. My greatest desire is to ensure that all our clients get the hands-on support and care they need as they transition after birth. In addition to providing hands-on bodywork using CFT, I am also passionate about teaching parents how to incorporate infant massage as a way to establish and foster a nurturing bond with their baby. I can’t wait to meet you!”

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